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I am excited to announce that I will be a Practice Consultant to Pivot Hearing, Petaluma, CA.  Pivot Hearing delivers exceptional consulting to practice managers to help them make strong business decisions. An expert team then assists in executing those decisions. Their goal is to assist hearing healthcare practice managers in three core areas:

Increase patient flow

The backbone of any private practice is a steady flow of new patients. Pivot offers their expertise and unique exclusive tools to develop cost-effective, continuous sources of new patients.

Lean Operations Design

Pivot offers paperless systems, practice management software implementations, inventory management and other services to facilitate the efficient management of the practice.  Their tools can keep the frustrating part of the practice running smoothly with less effort on management and more time for patient care.

Premier In-Clinic Patient Experience

With hearing aids being sold at half the price, Pivot offers development of a system for patients to choose your practice instead.  They assist in the creation of the best in-clinic experience available all based upon their exclusive Hearing Aid Test Drive™️ process.

Bill Diles, CEO, Pivot Hearing has assembled a team of experienced practitioners, dispensers, audiologists, business experts to provide a unique experience to the seasoned clinician or the startup practitioner. As their consultant, I chose to work with Pivot because a hearing healthcare practice is only as good as the advice they are given. The principals at Pivot have been in the hearing healthcare business for generations and research each and every concept before it is recommended to their clients; they KNOW it works!.

It is my pleasure to be part of this highly qualified team of colleagues that are not after your practice, they just want to make you successful.  Check out Pivot Hearing at www.pivothearing.com or send me a note at bob@pivothearing.com.

Read Pivot’s press release at Hearing Health and Technology Matters.

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